[Acoustic English Cover] BIGBANG (빅뱅) - SOBER (맨정신) by TaylorDemiGaga

Acting like you’re on top of the world,
Don’t you know you’re looking so pathetic, yeah,
Don’t try to control me anymore,
So I can have fun, get wasted away.

Chase after money, power, have fame, be a star,
If that’s what really matters then you’ll trip and fall apart.
They all say love’s magical so give it all your heart,
But be warned, beware of the, person that you are.

Hey doctor doctor, come give me some help,
I feel like I’m ‘bout to go insane,
Stop interrupting me, please let me finish, oh,
Hear me say! (Ah seriously?)

It’s hard to stay sober when I’m so drunk on everything that you do,
I hate being sober when there’s no way I’ll fall asleep without you.
Time is moving slow, and I’m growing old, standing there as each day passes by,
And there are so many things to do but I’m standing here doing nothing like a fool.

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