10 Facts About Me

"10 facts about me" seems to be the latest trend now, i found it quite interesting. Thank you for tagging me, you know who you are. I'm not going to share it in Instagram because i hate typing using my phone (First Fact) .Therefore, I'm going to share it here...In my blog. Reveal some random facts about myself. Btw, 10 is not enough for me, i think i need 100 facts. But i know no one wants to read it if it's too long..Hahaha. So i will do it 10 first. There's no harm telling. Add on, I wish people could understand me better too. 

There you go.. Hope you guys enjoy this post. 
  1. My name is Najihah
  2. I'm 13 years old
  3. I'm from Malaysia ( I'm a malay girl)
  4. I'm vegetarian
  5. I love music especially KPOP
  6. I want to be like a SUPERSTAR
  7. My favourite KPOP group are BTS , EXO , VIXX and BTL
  8. I love my family very much
  9. I love to study Korean languages
  10. I enjoy talk with new people and make new friend 
Ooopps, 10 already? Thought i could type more..hahahaha
Alright, I'm done with mine 


  1. Peminat kpop ye..me too..Hi..baru follow ur blog...sudi2lah join giveaway blog azie :)


  2. @Azie Suhaimi
    Yes, i'm a kpopper^^ Thanks for follow my blog^^